Construction Law Practice

Recognizing that prevention of claims and litigation is the most cost-efficient means of conducting business, our construction-related services begin with risk management and loss prevention consulting. We assist our clients in drafting and negotiating purchase orders, work orders, subcontracts and prime contracts that accept liability only where appropriate and prevent the shifting of indemnity and litigation costs to our clients for injuries which do not arise from their activities. We also assist in the assessment of risks that might expose the company to damages insured under policies for workers’ compensation, automobile and comprehensive general liability, as well as under self-insured programs.

If business-to-business dispute resolution is unsuccessful, we stand ready to prosecute our clients’ claims and defend their interests in either the arbitration or litigation arenas. We routinely handle matters involving claims against general contractors and owners for non-payment and equitable adjustments on both private and public works projects. Such services include assisting with the perfection of stop notices and mechanic’s liens. We also defend claims against our clients for change orders, back charges, and assertions of delay and disruption impacts.