Latin American Practice

Jones Turner, LLP is uniquely positioned to handle claims and disputes with a Latin American component. Many of our attorneys are fluent in Spanish and have lived for extended periods in Latin American countries. Through their experiences abroad, our attorneys have developed a profound understanding of Latin American cultural dynamics – a critical advantage when it comes to gathering information, advocating positions and achieving favorable results for our clients.

Our practice includes the representation of underwriters from the United States and London markets in subrogation and coverage matters that arise in Latin America but are subject to jurisdiction in state or federal courts in the United States. We also represent Latin American insurers in claims by their multi-national clients doing business in the United States. We have handled a wide variety of multimillion dollar cases, from cash-in-transit subrogation losses in Paraguay to cross-border biotechnology coverage disputes involving Mexican and United States interests.

We routinely work with and coordinate the adjusters and experts investigating the loss so that we can present informed analysis and recommendations. In order to better serve our clients, we have developed a network of local attorneys and technical consultants both in the United States and Latin America who can assist in the legal and factual analysis of a case.

From initial investigation through negotiated or litigated resolutions, our experience in Latin America gives us a unique advantage that allows us to pursue our clients’ goals with insight and perspective that others simply cannot offer.